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12:42 AM CipherShed Task #2: Upgrade installer to uninstall TrueCrypt
Rocki H wrote:
> The setup currently fails to open TrueCrypt's kernel driver because we changed the device object na...


06:34 AM CipherShed Task #2: Upgrade installer to uninstall TrueCrypt
Instead of changing the names of system variables such as TrueCrypt's global mutex, can we simply continue using True...


05:56 PM CipherShed Task #2: Upgrade installer to uninstall TrueCrypt
I have not found how to edit the issue. The edit buttons just take me here where I can add notes. Perhaps we have n...
05:36 PM CipherShed Task #9 (New): Create check-list of features to be tested
We should start a check-list for features to be tested before releases, such as full-disk-encryption on Windows and u...
05:34 PM CipherShed Task #8 (New): Get graphics artist to work on artwork, icons
I had signed up for this, but my graphics designer is no longer available. I don't mind paying to have this done, bu...
05:33 PM CipherShed Task #7 (New): Mac build, installer, VM
Jason has a couple Macs he's dedicated to this task, and Dimitri has made progress as well.


07:34 PM CipherShed Task #6 (New): Windows build, installer, VM
Bill will build a Windows binary on an air-gapped machine in a VirtualBox VM. The VM cannot be shared due to Micros...
07:32 PM CipherShed Task #5 (New): Linux build, installer, VM
Kyle is using Gitian in a VirtualBox VM on an air gapped machine for our binary builds for Linux. Is Mac also going ...
07:30 PM CipherShed Task #4 (New): Get Windows executable signing key
I (Bill) have started the process, but it's stalled for some reason. I need to get on that...
07:29 PM CipherShed Task #3 (New): Finish initial bitmaps and icons
We need help with the graphics! All the bmp files and ico files need to be replaced.

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