Task #2

Updated by Rocki H about 8 years ago

This can be considered a sub-task of #1. The constants need to be fixed in such a way that we replace the existing TrueCrypt, just like a normal TrueCrypt upgrade.

*Upgrade process with windows full disk encryption:*
# Detect previous TrueCrypt installation.
# Inform user of existing TrueCrypt installation, state that CipherShed cannot be installed on the same system as TrueCrypt, and ask for the user's permission to uninstall TrueCrypt and proceed with the CipherShed installation. Without permission, the installer should abort and change nothing on the system.
# Install CipherSheds files.
# Copy/Migrate TrueCrypts registry keys and config files (remove TrueCrypts GUI from "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run").
# Replace TrueCrypts driver (requires reboot).
# Uninstall TrueCrypt (scheduled task on startup).