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Detailed review of Windows constant strings

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We have changed many constants in the code that contained "TrueCrypt" to "CipherShed", and "TRUECRYPT" to "CIPHERSHED". Some of these constants change how CipherShed work when upgrading from a machine with TrueCrypt already installed. For example, the code currently will not detect the TrueCrypt install, and will install beside it, rather than replacing it. We have decided that we wish to act exactly as a TrueCrypt install would, replacing the prior version rather than having two independent copies at the same time.

There are also issues with Windows registry entries. To act like an upgrade, we need to read some of the old TrueCrypt registry entries. We may also need to read other TrueCrypt data. Various other issues related to these constants we've changed need to be fixed.

Rocki has a post on his findings so far on our forum:

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